Creating District and Schools Literacy Plans

 Schools will be supported utilizing the Literacy Matters Creating District and School Literacy Plans to build common understandings about what really matters in increasing engaged reading and writing in all classrooms. This tool is available on our website and professional development will be offered virtually. This planning document is divided into three sections.
Section I–Creating District and School Literacy Plans
Section II–Literacy Matters Needs Assessment and Implementation Rubric
Section III–District and School Literacy Objectives and Actions
    A series of virtual professional learning sessions will be offered that utilize the Literacy Matters: Creating District and School Literacy Plans planning tool to guide districts and schools through the process of developing, implementing, and sustaining a literacy plan to raise student achievement in reading and writing. Sessions will focus on establishing literacy leader data teams and a process for collecting and analyzing data. Districts and schools will be guided through making structural and instructional changes necessary for effective literacy instruction by utilizing the Literacy Matters Needs Assessment and Implementation Rubric. A well-developed literacy plan should produce an elevated culture of literacy in the district, schools, and community. High student achievement occurs when students are provided significant time devoted to actual reading and writing and high-quality instruction based on the changing needs of students. Information regarding the series will be emailed to districts when available.